Regen Projects and kurimanzutto are pleased to present Distant Star/Estrella Distante, an exhibition based on the writings of Chilean born writer Roberto Bolaño. The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolaño The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende En “Estrella Distante”, una novela corta pero intensa, Bolaño traza la . Estrella distante has ratings and reviews. Sergsab said: La cruzada por ajusticiar el acto poético como forma de maldad. La importancia máxima.

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Unfortunately I think I picked the wrong book as this subject matter just didn’t resonate with me. Distant StarNew York: Much is told in indirect voice creating the illusion of distance between the narrator and his subject.

However, the accuracy of this has been called into question. This seemed like a rushed attempt to build on the success of “Nazi Literature in America. Il personaggio di Carlos Wieder mi ha fatto ribrezzo, ma non sono riuscita a capire cosa l’autore volesse dire e non sarei in grado di sintetizzare la storia soffermandomi sui punti salienti del romanzo.

It has been suggested that he was at one time a heroin addict and that the cause of his death was a liver illness resulting from Hepatitis C, with which he was infected as a result of sharing needles during his “mainlining” days.

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Distant Star by Roberto Bolaño

We often forget, perhaps, that distant stars can burn just as bright as close ones. But what they witness is the opposite of what they had been hoping for.


It left me wanting to know more about Chilean poets, only being familiar with Neruda and Gabriela Mistral. It’s another of the books based on an incident from a former work in this case, the highly entertaining ‘Nazi Literature in the Americas’.

He was notorious in Chile for his fierce attacks on Isabel Allende and other members of the literary establishment.

There are some strong passages, notably those involving the anti-hero, a Chilean fascist named Carlos Wieder who is a memorably unpleasant sociopath.

Distant Star

What is our responsibility in the face of violence, racism, bo,ano, and evil? He continued with his poetry, before shifting to fiction in his early forties. Retrieved 24 August While fictionalizing his scenarios and characters, with hindsight we can recognize many aspects not only of the reality of the time but also as experienced in other comparable totalitarian regimes.

I want to go back and read it again for the first time. Apr 21, Araceli. As I said, it’s really different from anything I have experienced before. Overall I did not love the book because I couldn’t uncover any underlying message or lesson from the twisted though historical story.

In rapid succession, he published a series of critically acclaimed works, the most important of which are the novel Los detectives salvajes The Savage Detectivesthe novella Nocturno de Chile By Night In Chileand, posthumously, the novel I got through one estgella shortie from RB then abandoned his s The first 50 pages were intriguing, then came a slow steady descent Nel romanzo, il punto resta quello. Thanks for telling us about the problem. I read the Audible format with excellent narration by Walter Krochmal.


Lists with This Book. Whether I or not I am ready to tackle his longer novels, I am intrigued. I think there are parts that are really good and others full of tedious details. Chi era Carlos Wieder?

I didn’t really find the story captivating, the writing interesting, or the philosophy of art, poetry, and barbaric writing insightful or different. Esas son sus obras maestras, bopano no por eso sus obras “menores” son menos relevantes.

Es una nota de despedida. This book seemed like a forum for endless name dropping and while it had the potential for a good murder mystery, it just didn’t hang together for me. De cualquier modo, las 2 estrellas me parecen oportunas.

O yo no he estado a la altura de las exigencias. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. This is a disconcerting and challenging read that will hang on in the reader’s memory. I also want to learn more about poets and poetry in Chile as knowing Neruda and Mistral, both Nobel Laureates, is not enough.

This skywriting adds still further to the romantic reputation of the young officer, so that when he announces that he is holding a photographic estrell day style exhibition in his apartment, influential figures from the armed forces and Chilean high society show up for the showing.