The Gokyo no Waza as the standard syllabus of Judo throws originated in From to the Kodokan Gokyo no Waza was made up of 40 throws in 5 . Looking for the best Judo throws for beginners? Look no more! Robert of is dishing out a top 10 list of Judo throws you. As a Brazilian, growing up with jiu-jitsu since the 80s (here we call it simply jiu- jitsu) my impression as to why we don’t teach as many takedowns as judo (I’ll.

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In BJJ nearly any grip — except for fingers inside the sleeves are permitted. The best Judo throw is the one you’ve been working on forever.

List of judo techniques – Wikipedia

If you train wrestling for weeks, it is not unbelievable that you’ll be able to hit a decent double leg, and a shitty single takecowns on other untrained white belts. It is also one of most common throws used in Judo competitions. He has a competitive background in karate, Judo as well as MMA.

You may be able to go to Single Leg X as he tries to come back up from the throw too. With the way the rules are set for each respective art, Judo is more specialized in throwing, while Takedlwns is more specialized in ground fighting.

You may also use a similar entry to attack flying armlock or just get the fight to the ground in your open guard. Submit a new text post. If you believe I am, please correct me. At my last comp, my coach told me “don’t be afraid to use your judo”.


Definitely not a natural reaction. Leave this field empty. I wish I was good and could mix sumi gaeshi with some sort of x guard entrance. Judo on the other hand is really hard. Plus I think a lot of it I think you have to learn by doing.

List of judo techniques

These videos are nice and I appreciate what they’re trying to do. To set up a larger technique. If your opponent ends up on his back, you will win the fight in a very attractive way.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Romulo Barral takedown highlight where he uses alot of sit up guard and arm drags: This is one of the first throws ever invented. They all work good in BJJ.


We’re expert martial arts travellers and we love helping you. You have no real strength and are just pulling with the arm. Log into your account. Juddo travellers from around the world. You can improve the strength of the grip by pushing your biceps into the armpit of the opponent and rotating his right shoulder clockwise at the same time. It seems like those two could pair well together, like if the toss fails go to the guard pull.

5 Best Judo Takedowns for BJJ : bjj

I prefer an Ippon seoi Nage and use your shoulder and control of their arm to pin them as you transition to a better position.

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Submit a takedownd link. Whenever I see threads like these I can’t help but feel as if they’re very misleading. Whereas the double leg requires clearing the arms, level change, penetration step, takedowms or turning the corner to finish. Slide sideways and let your opponent slide over your hip. It works everywhere and the principles translate to gi and no gi.

Ensure success for your martial arts camps. Or of he’s standing south paw vs orthodox, he’s going to get flipped. Sorry but it isn’t even close.

Your inside leg is already in place you just need to release your belt grip, takwdowns towards him and scoot under his top leg to get your other foot on the hip. In Judo you accrue points the longer you pin someone on the ground. AUD – Australian Dollar. It’s what I use to introduce students to the back step. If we have similar body types then maybe, but not even then. This has been an influential video for me jjdo there are plenty of Jimmy Pedro videos out there that highlight grip fighting https: Just do it normally with the leg behind him.