14 Nov LSMW through Direct input method. Requirement: Migration of material master data. Process: Go to LSMW transaction. Provide Project. LSMW: Vendor Master Creation using Standard. Batch/Direct Input of LSMW .. this way, We can upload (vendor master) data using LSMW Direct input method. 2 Feb Hi friend!! Today I just complete LSMW manual step-by-step. The first update is Standard Batch/Direct Input method. Hope this help!! Direct to.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. Assign Files Step direcy Display Converted data When you convert data, LSMW automatically converts into the appropriate structure layouts, as required by Standard program.


To get an idea what material master field can be loaded -; click on the structure. Permalink Jan 04, For more about format of file, see notes in SAP Help file. What fields can be included? Posted by Manasa Veena at For big files -; many thousand of records this might take a lsmw direct input method.

Didect or Crimson Editor if you want a good free one. For all the material types. Execute to load the data by direct input method. Please advice Regards, Lakshmi. The input file can be prepared using database, spreadsheet or other program. Don’t worry to much about the warning that ‘Source field is xirect than target file’ just make sure your input data is correct.


Hi It is really a useful documents. Provide relation by putting cursor on structure and click on relationship button or by double clicking source structures we can provide relation. Very helpful for those who are working for first time on LSMW. Save the data lsmw direct input method go back. Get my blog posts in your inbox!

Click save and go back. If your fieldnames in file is same as in SAP, then you can map them automatically by selecting Menu: And 0 zero indicates that material being lsmw direct input method will be extended.

Or in Excel importing the tab delimited file Note that the material lsmw direct input method field MATNR is blank imput first line and 0 zero for subsequent lines. Following screen will be displayed. Let’s first go through LSMW steps -; then look at the input file. Niput now run it without the test option. If you do not maintain Structure relations for mandatory entries, you might get a message such as ‘Target structure needs a relation to a source structure’.

Follow the above step to provide relation for the required structures then save and go back. Create relationship between source structures MM01V4 with these target structures with icon ‘Create Relationship’. That way a sql script can be created that implement all the conversion rules. This was done is step above. As a rule, keep the field names the same lsmw direct input method in SAP.


To get going, use my LSMW Project and data file and make changes as required to get a simple dataset loaded.

Execute Maintain source structure for specifying structure for source. For Material master creation provide input for Object and for Method program name is automatically displayed. An ID with a maximum of 10 characters that is used as further structuring attribute.

This is how my input file looks via Crimson Editor. Please lsmw direct input method note that my project and input file will need slight modification to work fully on your SAP system. I used MySQL [mysql.

SAP ABAP – Direct Input Method & LSMW on Vimeo

Put cursor on source structure then click on create structure button. Migration of material master data. Maintain Source Fields Define here all the fields that will be in your input file text file with data.