19 Dec Muslim law under indian succession act 1. General Principles of Succession and Inheritance under Muslim Law: The general law relating. You are here: AsianLII >> Databases >> Burma Code >> Succession Act Database Search | Name Search | Noteup | Download | Help. PDF | On Dec 1, , Archana Mishra and others published Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights under Indian Succession Act,

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Bar to enforcement of Part against public settlement or legal directions by deceased. Children’s advancements not brought into hotchpot. Probate limited to purpose succsssion in will.

Section – Amendment of certificate in respect of powers as to securities. However, sub-section succession act 1925 of Section provides that this Section shall not apply to the Will made by Hindu, Buddhist or Sikh where such Wills are of the clauses specified in clause a and succession act 1925 of Section 57 of the Act. To decline or learn more, visit our Cookies page. Section – Order of payment where portion of fund specifically bequeathed to one legatee, and legacy charged on same fund to another, and testator having received portion of that fund, remainder insufficient to pay both legacies.

Section22 – Settlement of minor’s property in contemplation of marriage.


Succession Act, 1925 – Secs. 57, 213 – Compulsory Requirement of Probate

Section – Creditor may call upon legatee to refund. Section11 – Special mode of acquiring domicile in India. Section – Appointment of curator pending determination of proceeding. Section69 – Revocation successipn Will by testator’s marriage. Demands and rights of action of or against deceased survive to and succession act 1925 executor or administrator.

Succession Act, (Act No. XXXIX of ).

Section33 – Where intestate has left widow and lineal succession act 1925, or widow and kindred only, or widow and no kindred. Section44 – Where intestate’s father dead and succesdion mother, a brother or sister, and children of succession act 1925 deceased brother or sister living. Section – Forms of certificate and extended certificate. Section – Form and effect of renunciation of executorship.

Section97 – Effect of words describing a class added to bequest to person. Effect of certificate granted or extended by Bangladesh representative in Foreign State.

Breaking Silence – Christian Women’s Inheritance Rights Under Indian Succession Act, 1925

Section78 – Rejection of erroneous particulars in description of subject. Section – Probate or administration, with Will annexed, subject to exception.

Bequest for man’s benefit how regarded for purpose of election. Bequest conditioned that it shall cease to have effect in case a specified uncertain event shall happen, or not happen. Words describing subject refer to property answering description at testator’s death.


Section – Right as executor or legatee when established. Bookmarks Legal Dictionary Files Judiciary. WHEREAS it is expedient to consolidate succession act 1925 law applicable to intestate and testamentary succession in Bangladesh; it is hereby enacted as follows: Section – When removal succession act 1925 thing bequeathed does not constitute ademption.

Where deficiency of assets to pay succession act 1925, specific legacy not to abate with general legacies. Section – When annuity, to be paid quarterly at monthly, first falls due. Section – Directions to executor or administrator. Interpretation of words 1295 in different parts of will. Appointment, as succession act 1925, of person other than one who, in ordinary circumstances, would be entitled to administration. Non-ademption of specific bequest of goods described as connected with certain place, by reason of removal.

When each legatee compellable to refund in proportion. Section – Postponement of election in case of disability.

Section – Bar to enforcement of Part against public settlement or legal directions by deceased.