5 Aug Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA) is a data model that are the three new AP tables’ technical details for R12 Supplier in TCA. 19 Apr Introduction Oracle Applications R12 Trading Community Architecture Tables Background What is TCA? Oracle Trading Community. 14 Feb You should also note, TCA is neither an Oracle Applications module nor requires . R Bank & Trading Community Architecture(TCA).

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Till 11i version, we have seen invoices:. Parties can also be of type Relationship. These are few common question, and there are often many answers given.

August 6, at 1: So now r12 this was well taken care and integration is built. You maintain separate customer profiles, addresses, and contacts for each customer account.

As we learnt during Release 12, the E-Business Suite has couple of new products like Subledger Accounting, E-Business Tax thus significant changes have been observed in Account Payable data module as some of functionality is shared by some other products. Tca architecture in oracle apps r12 a sales transaction requires that a customer, stored as a party in Oracle Trading Community Architecture, has an account as well as an account site.

Stores tca architecture in oracle apps r12 information about credit rating, financial statistics, socio-economic and corporate linkage information.

The Account Layer cannot exist without the Party Layer. Stay Connected Follow shareoracleapps. Invoice Lines as a new additional line accommodated in Invoice data model.

Oracle Trading Community Architecture is the foundation not only for the Oracle E-Business Suite, but also specifically for the product family that it belongs to: Entities of type Person or Organization that can enter into business relationships.

Trading Community Architecture (TCA)

April 28, at 7: People who have a contact or employment relationship with an organization adchitecture person Contact Points: Party relationships can be either seeded or user defined. Generate time zones for phones. A party relationship is a party’s role in the tca architecture in oracle apps r12 of another party.


This diagram shows the process flow for managing, searching, creating, and updating customer information. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

This table is used to tie a contact point to a customer account, tda account site or customer account role. July 14, at 7: This feature enables user to access data from one or many Operating Units while within a set given responsibility.

Country and address line1 are required, this is because creation of suppliers in Party in TCA data model architdcture requires Country and address information, but it also understood if there is no country or address line 1 specified for a supplier site in cases when upgrades takes place, Payables derives the country based on the most frequently used operating unit of the Tca architecture in oracle apps r12 historical transactions.

This makes bank with strong capability to pay across operating units.

Global Descriptive Flexfields migrated to named columns. Multiple Accounts can exist for a Party. Third Party Wrchitecture Integration: To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Tca architecture in oracle apps r12 avenue of contacting a party i.

For example, you could open a commercial account for purchases made by Vision Distribution for its internal use and a reseller account for purchases made by Vision Distribution for sales of arfhitecture products to end-users. Not to be used for modeling party hierarchical relationships use party relationships. Subscribe in a reader.

Stores information about the selling and buying of financial instruments. A party site is the location where a particular party is physically located. A customer account represents the attributes of the business relationship that a party can enter into with another party. Party ID is the primary key.

R12 TCA (Trading Community Architecture) | appstechnotes

Transactions are stamped with the bank account uses identifiers as part of the upgrade. Regarding the article, it is very informative, specially for beginners.


The Party layer and the Account layer. Cleanse the TCA Registry by merging duplicate customer accounts and duplicate sites within an account.


Tax payer ID g. For example, you could open a commercial account for purchases to be made by Vision Distribution for its internal use and a reseller account for purchases made by Vision Tca architecture in oracle apps r12 for sales of your products to end-users.

Site Use Id is the Primary Key. Thank u sooooo much giving a valuable information, Great work done by all Team members, once again thank u to all. Create batches of potentially duplicate parties to merge. Banks and Bank Details. Stores information about parties. This is how TCA data is tighten with other Oracle products.

Oracle Trading Community Architecture (TCA)

Stores information about the relationship, if a party becomes a customer. Store information details of financial reports that describe the financial status of the party. Posted by oracle applications at October 8, tca architecture in oracle apps r12 Represents a customer relationship between your organization and a party. Oracle Trading Community Architecture TCA is a data model that allows you to manage complex information about the parties, or customers, who belong to your commercial community, including organizations, locations, and the network of hierarchical relationships among them.

Party sites used in the context of customer accounts for specific purposes, architectture uses, for example ship-to and bill-to account sites.