This game is based on the intriguing, wordless, picture books “Zoom” and “Re- Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which consist of 30 sequential “pictures within pictures. 15 Jul This activity is based on the picture books “Zoom” and “Re-Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which consist of 30 sequential “pictures within pictures”.

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It is the facilitator’s choice whether or not to tell learners this.

Goals To build communication and problem solving skills as a group. I found looking at a few pages from this book was a great brain break. Zoom and it’s sequel of sorts, Re-Zoom, illustrated by Istvan Banyai, are both wordless stories that get the reader to predict and analyze images as they slowly zoom out to show great pictures. The activity becomes more complex with a large number of participants as zoom by istvan banyai pictures are more pieces of the story-puzzle that they have to lictures into sequence.

Typically, you may notice that one or more participants will step up and assume a leadership role to help guide the group. You can use the variations istan for smaller groups.

Zoom and Re-Zoom by Istvan Banyai – Ms. Louie’s Learning

I am a facilitator of adult learners who is always called to facilitate team building sessions. What difficulties did your team experience? One mobile device with QR Code reader per one or two learners A copy of ” Zoom” by Istvan Banyai could be done without but it honors and compensates the author.

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Is there anything that frustrated you?

Zoom Team Building Activity

I have used this book multiple times in different classes, allowing students to guess what images will come next and create their own stories about what they think is happening as the images unfold. This game is based on the intriguing, wordless, picture book ” Zoom” by Istvan Banyai which consists of sequential “pictures within pictures”.

You can make the activity more competitive and measure team performance by the number of picturds that zoom by istvan banyai pictures in the wrong zoom by istvan banyai pictures.

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The images make readers think of the world in a different perspective, to think outside the box and let their imagination grow. Once they are ready, they can begin the activity. Did everyone agree with the zoom by istvan banyai pictures If there are any mistakes, let participants correct the order and then go through the correct sequence so that they understand the full story.

This will be very useful to me. Zoom by istvan banyai pictures out one image to each participant. Encourage them to study the details of the image so this will help them put together the full story. The advantage of using mobile devices is that learners can zoom in on details of the picures.


Encourage participants to study their picture, since it contains important information to help solve this challenge.

Zoom Istvan Banyai

Easy set up, printable instructions, and review questions. Did anyone emerge as a leader? For smaller groups, you can give each participant more than one image.

Turn the images over so that they can see if they got it right. Each image should be on one sheet of paper you can laminate them so that they last more than one session. They are zoom by istvan banyai pictures use only verbal communications to describe the images they have. The Zoom narrative moves from a rooster to a ship to a city street to a desert island and outer space. To understand and develop picrures taking.

How did having a leader help? Zoom has been published in 18 countries.